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Salaam all,

This is 4:42
يَوْمَئِذٍ يَوَدُّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ وَعَصَوُاْ الرَّسُولَ لَوْ تُسَوَّى بِهِمُ الأَرْضُ وَلاَ يَكْتُمُونَ اللّهَ حَدِيثًا
Yawmaithin yawaddu allatheena kafaroo waAAasawoo alrrasoola law tusawwa bihimu alardu wala yaktumoona Allaha hadeethan

The Aya says:
That day, the ones who rejected including disobeyed the envoy (of God) will wish that the earth will be leveled by them, and they will not suppress Allah’s saying /action.

My personal note:
The law is a conditional which carries skepticism in it often. Therefore, the Aya carries that they will wish that the earth will be leveled by them, as in they become earth, but the message is that will not happen.

The end of the Aya “La yaktumoon Allah Hadeethan” has a width of meanings. Hadeethan means conceptually happening, which can cover saying and actions and news of the entity. LA YAKTUMOONA Allaha Hadeethan carries the dual meaning of:

1- They do not suppress the happenings of Allah, as His sayings, actions and news, from others.
2- They do not suppress their own happenings, as sayings actions and news, from Allah.

Both are correct and are covered by the sentence. That is part of the depth of the Qur’an, the richness and width of meanings within it’s sentences.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Yawmaithin: that day/ day when
Note: the root is Y-W-M and it means day. YAWM means a day and it spans a day and night cycle. YAWMA means day of. ITHIN means then. YAWMAITHIN then takes the meaning of day when, on that day.
Yawaddu: they love
Note: the root is W-D-D and it means proper love. This means that this love is correct in all it’s angles and not placed in the wrong place. YAWADDU is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of loving is happening or will be happening by the subject (third person singular or plural pointing to Allatheena= those who)
Allatheena: those who
Kafaroo: rejected/ discarded (the message or God).
Note: the root is K-F-R and it means cover or bury in the ground, as in put the seed in the ground and cover it. This is then used conceptually for many purposes as in discarding and rejecting as well as burying. KAFARO is an action that is completed. It means: the action of rejection or discarding of the object (not declared, but understood from the context to point to God and/or the message) happened by the subject (third person plural).
waAAasawoo: and disobeyed/including disobeyed
Note: WA is a letter that links what is before with what is after. This link is through inclusion, either one is included in the other or they are all included in the bigger sentence or bigger picture. WA often corresponds with “and/ addition” but the more encompassing meaning is in inclusion one in another or all in a bigger picture or sentence. AAaSAWOO is derived from the root Ain-Sad-Y and it means to go against order/to resist an order, for the verb and the action for the noun. The concrete word is Stick and Staff. The relationship to the above abstract meaning is the fact that the Stick is rigid and unbending, as well as the fact the Stick got detached from the tree. AAaSAWOO is an action that is completed. It means: the action of disobeying the object (alrrasool= the messenger/ envoy) happened by the subject (third person plural).
Alrrasoola: the messenger/ the envoy
Note: ALRRASOOLA is derived from the root R-S-L and it means to envoy someone or a group of people or animals. The concrete word is RASL and it means a group of people or animals that were sent by their owners or senders. ALRRASOOLA means the envoy or the messenger.
Law: skeptical if/if
Note: LAW means if or a conditional statement with a background of skepticism that the condition did not or will not happen or at least not very likely to happen.
Tusawwa: she was leveled
Note: the root is S-W-Y and it means balance or equality. Conceptually, it applies to leveling something and according to the context of the situation. TUSAWWA is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of making the object leveled (Al Ardu= the earth) is being made to happen or will be made to happen, by an undeclared subject.
Bihimu: in them/ by them/ with them
Note: Bi denotes that what comes after is a tool and/or an object or an association with an action that was mentioned. If is the object of the action then it makes it stronger. HIMU means them.
Alardu: the earth/ the land
Note: ALARDU is derived from the root Hamza-R-Dhad and it means earth or land. ALARDU is the earth/ the land.
Wala: and not
Yaktumoona: they suppress/ they hide
Note: YAKTUMOONA is derived from the root K-T-M and it means suppressing something. Concrete word is for a vine type of plant that cannot rise and stand on it’s own, therefore suppressed to the ground. Conceptually, it is used for suppressing a matter or hiding it. YAKTUMOONA is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of suppressing or hiding the object (ALLAHA hadeethan= speech or news of Allah) is happening or will be happening by the subject (third person plural).
Allaha: Allah
Hadeethan: happening/ saying/ news/ actions
Note: The root is Ha-D-TH and it means to happen for the verb and happening for the noun. This is conceptually then extended to many different understandings that are linked to the context. They carry the meanings of happenings as news, or sayings or new developments or all, as long as the context of the sentence allows it. HADEETHAN here carries the conceptual meanings of happening, which covers sayings and actions of Allah or of people towards Allah.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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