Monday, October 06, 2008


Salaam all,

This is 4:68
وَلَهَدَيْنَاهُمْ صِرَاطًا مُّسْتَقِيمًا
Walahadaynahum siratan mustaqeeman

The Aya says:
And then We would have guided them to a path made straight.

My personal note:
It continues the subject from before.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Walahadaynahum: and then We would have guided them
Note: WA is a letter that links what is before with what is after. This link is through inclusion, either one is included in the other or they are all included in the bigger sentence or bigger picture. WA often corresponds with “and/ addition” but the more encompassing meaning is in inclusion one in another or all in a bigger picture or sentence. LA means then. HADAYNAHUM is derived from the root H-D-Y and it means gift in all it’s forms and it carries the meaning of guidance since guidance is a gift. HADAYNA is an action that is completed. It means: the action of guiding the object (HUM= them) happened or, in this case, would have happened by the subject (first person plural).
Siratan: path
Note: the root is Sad-R-TTa and it means path. SIRAT is path.
mustaqeeman: made straight
Note: the root is Qaf-W-M and it means standing upright or standing. The upright can be in all planes of position and for a horizontal dimension it means straight. MUSTAQEEM is a derivative word that means was made upright or was made straight.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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