Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Salaam all, 6:134 Inna ma tooAAadoona laatin wama antum bimuAAjizeena The Aya says: Indeed, what you (plural) are promised is coming, and you are incapable of pushing back. My personal note: The Aya is a reminder to those of us who may not like the message of God. It reminds us that there is no point in resisting or fighting God because we are incapable of doing it. Therefore the wise decision is to join in. This would be the first step for someone to accept the message that he or she may not initially like. Hopefully with time, he or she will recognize the peace and serenity in choosing this path and therefore becomes a loving and willing participant in this path. May Allah open our eyes, ears and hearts to His message always. Translation of the transliterated words: Inna: indeed Ma: what tooAAadoona: you (plural) are promised Note: the root is W-Ain-D and it means promise. TooAAaDOONA is an action that is being completed or will be completed that is derived from the root. It means: the action of promising the object (second person plural) is happening or will be happening by an undeclared subject. Laatin: is coming (with emphasis and certainty) Note: LA is for emphasis added to the action. ATIN is derinved from the root Hamza-T-Y and it means in concrete the water that comes from the rain of another land. In concrete it means the coming of something or someone with many of it’s implications. ATIN means coming. wama antum: and you (plural) are not bimuAAjizeena: capable of pushing back/ resisting successfully/ to overcome Note: the root is Ain-J-Z and it means push away. In concrete it is used for pushing the dirt away and so on. Conceptually, it is used for inability or failure as well as for pushing away. BIMuAAJIZEEN means making the other unable so, it points to pushing away/ back or successfully resisting. Salaam all and have a great day Hussein

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