Friday, October 26, 2012


Salaam all,
La shareeka lahu wabithalika omirtu waana awwalu almuslimeena
The Aya says: No partner for Him and by that I was ordered and I am the first foremost of the Muslims.
My personal note: The Aya is really a continuation to the previous one. The statement “No partner for Him” brings about the importance of the sincerity in dedicating any act of worship only to Allah and not to any other and therefore further explains the statement in the previous one. The Aya ends up by emphasizing that this is what Muhammad upon him be peace was ordered to do and by extension we are also ordered to follow the same line as we designate ourselves as Muslims.
Translation of the transliterated words: La: no Shareeka: partner Note: the root SH-R-K and it means partner or partnership and with this partnership is a measure of equality or being on par with. SHAREEK is a partner. Lahu: to Him/ for Him Wabithalika: and by that Omirtu: I was ordered Note: The root is Hamza-M-R and it means ordering something and the implementation of it. Sometimes it attains the implementation part or matter as in personal matter and so forth, and at times it is the order and implementation of the order, depending on the situation in the sentence. OMIRTU is an action that is completed. It means: the action of ordering the object (first person singular) happened by and undeclared subject.
Waana: and I Awwalu: first/ foremost Note: AWWAL is derived from the root Hamza-W-L and it means ultimate as a concept and takes different shapes and specific meanings according to the situation including first and so on. It often takes the meaning of first because that is the most ultimate. AWWALA means first of or first amongst or most ultimate of or foremost. Almuslimeena: the Muslims/ committed to Allah Note: the root is S-L-M and it means dissociation from an entity to re-associate with another that is better. This carries the meaning of health and safety. It also carries the meaning of delivery from one to another and it carries the meaning of peace, since it is the dissociation from harm to peace. MUSLIMEEN are the ones who are committing to the better entity and that is the commitment to Allah.
Salaam all and have a great day. Hussein

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