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Salaam all,

Lahum min jahannama mihadun wamin fawqihim ghawashin wakathalika najzee alththalimeena

The Aya says:
To them belongs of Hell bedding and above them covering, and as such We compensate the unjust.

My personal note:
The term GHAWASH was translated as covering with the range of understanding of this term between not being able to see what is above them to the fact of being unaware or decreased awareness to unconsciousness and so on.

Translation of the translterated words:
Lahum: to them belongs
Min: from
Jahannama: Hell
Mihadun: bedding/ to lie on
Note: the root is M-H-D and it means the flat place where one can sleep or rest and so forth. It is also used for flat and easy surface of any kind. MIHADAN means bedding or place to lie on and so on.
Wamin: and from
Fawqihim: above them
Note: the root is F-W-Qaf and it means above or rising (aboving). This is used for waking up from sleep because it is a form of rising, but it is also used in many other forms according to the plane of thought of the sentence. FAWQI means above. HIM means them.

Ghawashin: covering/ unconsciousness/ lack of awareness
Note: the root is GH-SH-Y and it means in one concrete meaning GHISHA’, the thin cover or membrane over something. Conceptually, it can cover the covering of the brain as in unconsciousness and other coverings as well. GHAWASIN meanss covering and it could be pointing to unconsciousness or decreased awareness and so on.
Wakathalika: and as such
Najzee: We compensate/ We pay back
Note: the root is J-Z-Y and it means compensation for action that can be good or bad. NAJZEE is an action that is happening or will happen in the future. It means: the action of paying back is happening or going to happen to the object (ALMUJRIMEEN= the criminals) by the subject (first person plural)
Alththalimeena: the unjust
Note: the root is THA-L-M and it means darkness in the most concrete form. This word also takes the meaning of misplacing right from wrong and transgression or injustice since injustice is displacing right from wrong and a decision made in darkness. ALTHTHALIMEEN are the unjust or the one who misplaces right from wrong intentionally and that is the one who decides and acts in darkness.

Salaam all and have a great day

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