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Salaam all,

Awalam yatafakkaroo ma bisahibihim min jinnatin in huwa illa natheerun mubeenun

The aya says:
Did they not contemplate there is not mental affliction in their companion? He is but only a warner who makes things clear.

My personal note:
Jinnatin if one wants to look at it concretely has the meaning of being afflicted by the Jinn (hidden creatures). It however carries the meaning that the person is not mad or afflicted by mental illness because the Arabs considered mental illness as when the body and mind are occupied by outside hidden forces.

The term natheerun mubeen can have many meanings that are not mutually exclusive. They include the following:
1- Self evident warner
2- Warner who makes things clear
3- A warner who clarifies.

Basically they carry the two meanings and the combination of the two at the same time.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Awalam: have they not?/ did they not
this is a question in the negative form
yatafakkaroo: think/ contemplate
Note: YATAFAKKAROO is derived from the root F-K-R and it means thinking and thought and contemplation. YATAFAKKAROO is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of making oneself contemplate or think is happening or will be happening by the subject (Third person plural).
Ma; not/ there is not
Bisahibihim: in their companion
Note: BI signifies an attachment or close linkage between what is before and what is after it. In a Verbal sentence it can mean attachment to the action or to the subject as it does the action. This attachment can then signify many things according to the verb and to the sentence and so on. In this context it takes the meaning of in. SAHIBIHIM is derived from the root Sad-Ha-B and it means companion or companionship. SAHIBI Means companion of. HIM means them.
Min: of
Jinnatin: mental affliction/ hidden affliction
Note: the root is root J-N-N and it means hidden or hiding. It is therefore used to mean darkness because it hides as well as garden because gardens can be hidden or because it has less light than the place out in the sun for the Arabs of the desert. JINNATIN means to be overtaken by hiddent entities like the Jinn or otherwise and is used for mental affliction or madness.
in huwa illa: He is but
natheerun: warner
Note: NATHEERUN is derived from the root N-TH-R and it means self imposed consequence. This means that a person will say that I will do this if this happened or that a person will have a consequence happen to him/her if another event happened. It also carries with it the ability to avoid the consequence if made adjustments. So, the word has the meaning of warning as well as an oath or promise of consequence in the range of it’s conceptual meaning. The context decides which coverage it has. NATHEER is the one who warns others
mubeenun: making clear/ clarifying/ self evident
Note: the root is B-Y-N and it means in concrete between. The action of the verb is betweening. This betweening can mean clarifying because one can know better the difference between two things. It also can mean distancing because the betweening makes things become apart. MUBEEN is the one that makes between in a conceptual sense. In this context, NATHEERUN MUBEEN carries the meaning of self evident warner who also makes things clear for all to see.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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