Thursday, December 13, 2012


Salaam all,

Qala innaka mina almunthareena

The Aya says:
He (Allah) said: You (Iblees) are one of the remaining ones/ the ones who will stay (till then).
Translation of the transliterated words:

Qala: He (Allah) said/ communicated/ responded
Note: QALA is derived from the root Qaf-W-L and it means saying in any way possible. QALA is an action that is completed that is derived from the root. It means the action of saying happened by the subject (third person singular). This, in turn means: He said or responded or communicated.
Innaka: you (singular)
Mina: of/ from
Almunthareena: the ones remaining/ the ones delayed/ the ones given time

Note: the root is N-THa-R and it means seeing/observing/watching with one side of the meaning stronger than the others according to the situation. At times it means giving reprieve or giving time to correct things and that stems from the observing/watching as if it is time of observation/watching or waiting or given time.
Take care all and Salaam,

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