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Salaam all,

Faakhathathumu alrrajfatu faasbahoo fee darihim jathimeena
The Aya says:
So, the shaking took them, so they became fallen still in their home.

My personal statement:
This Aya is an exact wording as the one in 7:78 and it carries the same meaning and significance.

Translation of the transliterated words:

Faakhathathumu: then took them
Note: FA means then or therefore or so. AKHATHATHUM is derived from the root Hamza-KH-TH and it means taking. AKHATHAT is an action that is completed. It means: the action of taking the object (HUM= them) happened by the subject (third person singular).
Alrrajfatu: the tremor/ the tremble/ the shaking
Note: the root is R-J-F and it means a tremor or tremble. It points to shaking because of whatever causes it as either extreme fear or sounds or tremble of the earth and so on. ALRRAJFATU is the shaking.
Faasbahoo: so they became/ so the morning reached them
Note: FA means then or therefore or so. ASBAHOO is derived from the root Sad-B-Ha and it means coming of the morning in concrete. The term can also mean become. On a conceptual level, the two meanings are related since the night becomes day and so forth. ASBAHOO is anb action that is completed. It means: the action of becoming or arrival of the morning to the subject (third person plural) happened

Fee: in
Darihim: their home/ their house/ their territoy
Note: DARI is derived from the root D-W-R and it means to circle around. Conceptually it can be used for a house or any entity that may have a circle around it or that surrounds an entity and so on. DARI in this context means house of. HIM means them and points to the people of Saleh.

Jathimeena: lying still/ fallen on the ground/ fallen still.
Note: the root is J-TH-M and it means when someone falls on the ground and stays there stuck to the ground with no movement. JATHIMEEN means fallen still

Salaam all and have a great day.


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