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Salaam all,

Wahuwa alqahiru fawqa AAibadihi wahuwa alhakeemu alkhabeeru

The Aya says:And He is the victorious over His slaves, and He is the wise, the well informed.

My personal note:The Aya uses the term QAHIR as a name or appellation for Allah. It means the victorious and carries with it that the message that none can defeat Allah and therefore it is futile to fight Him or become his enemy.

As often happens when Allah brings to us one of His attributes of strength and victory, He follows it with attributes that calm and reassure us with peace. Those here are the attributes of Wisdom and of being well informed of his creation. They let us know that Allah never abuses His powers and always well informed of us and everything around us.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Wahuwa: and He (Allah)
Alqahiru: the victorious/ the dominant
Note: the root is Qaf-H-R and it means victory of one entity upon another in case of dispute or fight, and clearly establishing dominion and authority. ALQAHIRU means the victorious
Fawqa: above
Note: the root is F-W-Qaf and it means above or rising (aboving). This is used for waking up from sleep because it is a form of rising, but it is also used in many other forms according to the plane of thought of the sentence. FAWQI means above.

Aaibadihi: His slaves/ His servants
Note: the root is Ain-B-D and it means slave or servant. AAIBADI means slaves or servants of. HI means Him and points to Allah.
Wahuwa: and He
alhakeemu : the Wise/ steering
Note: the root Ha-K-M and it means the steer that steers the animal. This word is used for ruling and judging as well as other meanings that contain steering as part of the concept. HAKEEM means wise or the steering. The steering means the entity that steers in the best way
alkhabeeru: the Well informed
Note: the root is KH-B-R and it means information or informing. ALKHABEER is the one that is well informed and who informs others as well.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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