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Thumma Ruddū 'Ilá Al-Lahi Mawlāhumu Al-Ĥaqqi ۚ 'Alā Lahu Al-Ĥukmu Wa Huwa 'Asra`u Al-Ĥāsibīna

The Aya says:
Then they were return to Allah, their true guardian. Indeed to Him belongs the rule, and He is the fastest of the accounters.

My personal note:
In this Aya it brings contrast between the term F-R-TTA and S-R-Ain in this Aya. Both roots point to quickness and rapidity but the F-R-TTA suggests haste and a job poorly done whereas S-R-Ain suggests rapidity with accuracy and meticulousness.

The term the fastest of the accounters suggests that Allah will let each one of us receive his dues in the fastest time that is appropriate for him or her. It is pointing to Allah’s justice and mercy on us.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Thumma: then
Ruddū: they were returned
Note: the root is R-D-D and it means: making an entity return to a point of beginning. This is the general conceptual meaning and it takes meanings of repelling or other forms of “making return” that are dictated by the context of the text. RUDDOO is an action that is completed. It means: the making of the object (third person plural) return to their point of starting happened by an undeclared subject.

'Ilá: to/ Towards
Al-Lahi: Allah
Mawlāhumu: their guardian
Note: the root is W-L-Y and it means direction or following direction with some guarantee. It comes close to guardianship. MAWLA is either the one who is a guardian or the one who receives guardianship of another or both. In this context, guardian of is what the context suggests. HUMU means them.

Al-Ĥaqqi: the binding true/ the true
Note: ALHAQQI is derived from the root Ha-Qaf-Qaf and it means binding right where right means correct as well s what is due to one person (rights and obligations). ALHAQQ is binding right or binding truth or just right as the context suggests here.

ۚ 'Alā Lahu: indeed to him belongs
Al-Ĥukmu: the stearing/ the judgement/ the rule
Note: ALHUKMU the root is Ha-K-M and it means the steer that steers the animal. This word is used for ruling and judging as well as other meanings that contain steering as part of the concept. ALHUKMU is the steering/ the judgement/ the power to rule and so on.

Wa Huwa: and He/ while He
'Asra`u: more speedy/ quicker of/ more fast of
Note: the root is S-R-Ain and it means quick and fast. The concrete words related to this root include the neck and the back of the horse where one taps to make them go faster. ASRA’U means more fast or quicker.
Al-Ĥāsibīna: The calculating ones/ the measuring ones/the ones who keep the count
Note: the root is Ha-S-B and it means calculating from all the aspects of it. HISAB is the calculation. The calculation means the end product of an action or the balance of a transaction and so forth. ALHASIBEEN are the ones who calculate or keep the count and so on.

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