Sunday, September 25, 2011


Salaam all,

Likulli nabain mustaqarrun wasawfa taAAlamoona

The Aya says:
To every piece of news a place/time of settlement and you (plural) shall know.

My personal note:
This Aya is short but acts as a strong reminder. It does remind us that we eventually will get to know what we differed and that we may be held accountable for the consequences for our decisions. This is because the statement of place and time of settlement is that we shall know the answer and then we are held accountable.

It reminds us to ask the question: I am beholding to my opinion and rejecting the alternative because of a good reason? Or is because of an indefensible bias and arrogance? It forces us to look deeply into ourselves and to be always open to hear any legitimate argument before we decide to reject it outright. This is especially so when our decision is to reject the message that came to us from God.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Likulli: to every/ to each
Note: LI means to or for. KULLI is derived from the root K-L-L and it means the parts put together. This is the concrete and it means all or every or each. It can also be extended conceptually to mean the parts surrounding an entity. KULLI means every, or each.

Nabain: news/ piece of information
Note: the root is N-B-Hamza and it means news or informing since the news are meant to inform. NABAIN means: news or information.
Mustaqarrun: place and time of landing/ settlingplace and time of reaching settlement
Note: the root is Qaf-R-R and it means in one concrete form, the food or drink that remains in the pot after it was utilized. Then in a conceptual manner, it takes the meaning of settling and being stable as well as cooling, since it will cool down with time, but also because coolness is a sign of something settled. MUSTAQARRUN means place or time or place and time of reaching settlement.

Wasawfa: and shall
taAAlamoona: you (plural) know
Note: TaAALAMOON is derived from the root Ain-L-M and it means knowing/knowledge or knowledge of facts. TaAALAMOON is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of knowing the object (not specified but probably points to the piece of information) for fact is happening or will be happening by the subject (second person plural).

Salaam all and have a great day.


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