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This 2:36
فازلهما الشيطان عنها فاخرجهما مما كانا فيه وقلنا اهبطوا بعضكم لبعض عدو ولكم في الارض مستقر ومتاع الي حين
Faazallahuma alshshaytanuAAanha faakhrajahuma mimma kanafeehi waqulna ihbitoo baAAdukum libaAAdinAAaduwwun walakum fee al-ardi mustaqarrun wamataAAunila heenin

Faazallahuma: So he made them Slip from (dual form used) their place
Note: AZALL is a verb that comes from the root Z-L-L and it means to move from place to another place/To slip. AZALL is to make (someone or something) move/Slip. Zilzal is another derivative of the word and it means earth movement which is an earthquake. Water ZULAL means water that is easy to move/to slip in the mouth and throat (great tasting water).
Alshshaytanu: The Satan/The one that pulls out of place (people, anything)
Note: Shaytan is the word that is related to the word SATAN in English. Satan comes from the Hebrew word that sounds very much the same. The concrete word SHATN means the Long rope that pulls the bucket out of the well. The verb SHATAN means to pull on the rope so that the bucket is taken out of the well. Therefore SHAYTAN is the one that pulls on that rope and takes the bucket out of it’s place (out of the well) The meaning of the word SHAYTAN then is any person or being that pulls people out of their own natural place (The natural place is in harmony with GOD). So SHAYTAN is anyone that takes a person away from GOD.
AAanha: from her (The garden)
Note: the feminine form addresses the Garden here
Faakhrajahuma: Made them come out
Note: KHARAJ: means to come out of somewhere. The root is KH-R-J and it means to come out. AKHRAJ means to make come out.
Mimma: From what
Kanafeehi: What they were in
Waqulna: And we said
Ihbitoo: Descend
Note: the root is H-B-T and it means to descend/to go down/to decrease. When it relates to a place it means to descend to a place. Meaning a place of lesser importance or a place that is concretely lower (as in downhill)
baAAdukum: Some of you
Note: BAAaDH means some
libaAAdin: To some
AAaduwwun: Enemy/people that overstep boundaries of each other
Note: the root is AAa-D-W and it means to overstep a boundary. AAaDUWW is a person that tries to overstep the boundary of another. Some derivatives of the word can mean compete with each other and run, since the runner is trying to step over some boundary (the boundary of time and place).
Walakum: And to you
fee al-ardi: In the land/In the earth
mustaqarrun: A place to stay
Note: this is a derivative of the root Q-R-R. Concrete words that may help explain it are QAROORA and it means a vessel (cooking vessel or otherwise and sometimes made of glass). The food that stays in the vessel is called ISTAQARR which means it stayed behind. MUSTAQARR is the place where people stay. Another meaning of the root Q-R-R is cool/cold and this probably because the food that stays in the cooking vessel gets cold.
wamataAAun: Resource for achieving of goals/benefits
Note: this is a derivative of the root M-T-AAa and it means to achieve a goal/achieve a benefit. MATAAAa with a longer A between the T and the AIN is the resource that helps achieve the goals/benefits.
Ila: Until
Heenin: A time (long or short)

My note:
The AYAH continues the story of Adam “And Satan (the one that takes people out of the path of GOD) made the two of them Slip out of the Garden (of Eden/paradise). GOD said: Descend from it (The GARDEN) some of you will be enemies to some of you and you will have Earth as the place to Stay in and to have resources in, till a certain time (The time when this ends).

Personal note:

This Ayah continues the story of Adam and Eve One thing to observe is the fact that both Adam and Eve were the guilty party and not mainly Eve, as opposed to the biblical story. Another thing to observe is the issue of the earth being our staying place and resource.

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