Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Salam all,

this is 2:39
والذين كفروا وكذبوا باياتنا اولئك اصحاب النار هم فيها خالدون
Waallatheena kafaroo wakaththaboobi-ayatina ola-ika as-habualnnari hum feeha khalidoona

Waallatheena: And those that
Kafaroo: Disbelieved/refused to hear (the guidance of 2:38) (through burying their heads in the ground of their own bias and prejudice
Note: This word is used a lot to mean as the above. It’s root is K-F-R and it means to cover, mainly to put a seed in the ground for planting. The word Kuffar was used in 57:20. to mean Farmers. The word K-F-R and it’s derivatives were used for disbelief because Disbelievers bury their head in the ground (of their prejudice and bias) and do not listen to the message. Also some derivatives (KAFFAR) were used to mean forgiveness of sins (by burying them).
KAFAROO is the past tense third person plural of the verb that means To cover under the ground/to disbelieve. That is why I used the term covered their faces in the ground of their prejudice and bias as an explanation of KAFAROO. It is in essence Closed mindedness.
Wakaththaboo: declared a lie
Note: K-TH-B is the root and it means to Lie. KATHTHABOO is the third person past tense plural for of a derived verb. This verb means to declare (something) as a lie. KATHTHABOO means made Lie/declare something as a lie. It is the third person plural of a verb that means To declare something as a lie.
bi-ayatina: of our signs
Note: AYAT is plural of the word AYAH and that means a sign.
ola-ika: Those are
as-habu: Companions of/Associates of
Note: The root here is S-H-B and it means to associate with/to accompany. AS-HAB is the plural of the noun.
Alnnari: The fire
hum feeha: They are in it
khalidoona: Staying (forever)
Note: the root here is KH-L-D and it means to stay/to last (may be forever). KHALIDOON is the plural of KHALID and it is the noun, the person or thing that stays (forever).

My Note:
This AYAH says “And those that bury their faces in their prejudice (refuse to hear our message) and declared our signs to be lies(disbelieved in them and refused them) are the associates/companions of Hell. They are staying in it (forever)”

My personal Note:This is again a reminder that we need to keep our minds open to the signs that come from GOD. Also, that we should take GOD’s signs seriously.

Salam all and I shall see you tomorrow


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