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Salaam all,

This is 4:50
انظُرْ كَيفَ يَفْتَرُونَ عَلَى اللّهِ الكَذِبَ وَكَفَى بِهِ إِثْمًا مُّبِينًا
Onthur kayfa yaftaroona AAala Allahi alkathiba wakafa bihi ithman mubeenan

The Aya says:
Watch how they concoct the untruth upon Allah, and sufficient by it (the concocted untruth) as self revealing injustice/sin.

My personal note:
One thing that I get out of this is how untruth can clearly be evident as untruth and how it can self reveal it’s untruthfulness. It may even make the truth clearer to those who have clear and unbiased minds.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Onthur: watch/ look/ observe
Note: ONTHUR is derived from the root N-THa-R and it means seeing/observing/watching with one side of the meaning stronger than the others according to the situation. At times it means giving reprieve or giving time to correct things and that stems from the observing/watching as if it is time of observation/watching. ONTHUR is a request or demand addressed to an individual. It means: watch, look, observe
Kayfa: how
Yaftaroona: they concoct/ they make up
Note: the root is F-R-W and it means the furr or the animal or the skin that is normally covered with hair. This word is used when people are concocting things and making things up that are not true. It could be related to the action of cutting the skin apart or making things up as in making a dress out of the skin and so forth. YAFTAROONA is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of concocting or making up untruths is being made to happen or will be made to happen by the subject (third person plural) for themselves.
AAala: upon
Allahi: Allah
Alkathiba: the untruth
Note: the root is K-TH-B and it means a untrue. Conceptually, it can be extended at times to mean a lie, although the core of the meaning is untruth, whether it is a lie or not, conscious or not. ALKATHIBA means the untruth.
Wakafa: and sufficient
Note: WA is a letter that links what is before with what is after. This link is through inclusion, either one is included in the other or they are all included in the bigger sentence or bigger picture. WA often corresponds with “and/ addition” but the more encompassing meaning is in inclusion one in another or all in a bigger picture or sentence. KAFA is derived from the root K-F-W and it means meeting the challenge or the need in any way as in having done enough to meet that challenge and so forth. In this context, it takes the meaning of being sufficient.
Bihi: with him/ in him/ by him
Note: Bi denotes that what comes after is a tool and/or an object or an association with an action that was mentioned. If it is an object of the action then it makes it stronger. HI means him and it points to what they concocted of untruth.
Ithman: sin/ injustice
Note: the root is Hamza-TH-M and it means breaking of rule or rules of justice. This means error or fault with a tinge of knowing it. ITHM is the breaking of the rule or the law or the error or the fault and it fits closely with sin when knowing that it is sin. It is also injustice.
Mubeenan: clear/ revealing itself and others (sin or injustice)
Note: the root is B-Y-N and it means in concrete between. The action of the verb is betweening. This betweening can mean clarifying because one can know better the difference between two things. It also can mean distancing because the betweening makes things become apart. MUBEEN is the one that makes between in a conceptual sense. In this context, ITHMAN MEBEEN carries the meaning of clear state of breaking of justice or self revealing as being injustice or great sin.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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