Friday, May 16, 2014


Salaam all,

Qaloo inna ila rabbina munqaliboona

The Aya says:
They responded: We towards our nurturing Lord flipping back.

My personal note:
The WE here can be pointing to the Magicians were they are saying that in case of death they are returning to their Nurturing Lord and also that what Pharaoh said is not going to change their mind from leaving God after they left pharaoh as their old lord. The WE could also point to them saying to Pharaoh that not only us are going to return to our Nurturing Lord but you as well. In this case, they are returning his threat and violence to him and giving him a warning. All those understandings are feasible and not mutually exclusive.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Qaloo: they said/ they communicated/ they responded
Note: QALOO is derived from the root Qaf-W-L and it means saying in any way possible. QALOO is an action that is completed that is derived from the root. It means the action of saying happened by the subject (third person plural). This, in turn means: They said/ communicated.
Inna: we
Ila: towards
rabbina: our nurturing lord
Note: the root is R-B-B and it means nurturing and Lordship as two components of the meaning that can be present together or one at a time according to the context of the sentence. RABBI is nurturing Lord of. NA means us or ours.
Munqaliboona: returning/ flipping back
Note: The root is root Qaf-L-B and it means turning 180 degrees or upside down. The word is used for heart, because it is the organ that changes it’s moods often. Therefore QALB is our thoughts and emotions. MUNQALIBOON means in the state of flipping and in context can mean we are leaving you to our Lord in this life or after death or both.

Salaam all and have a great day


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