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Salaam all,
Yatooka bikulli sahirin AAaleemin

The Aya says:
They come to you with every knowing illusionist/ magician

My personal note:
This is a continuation of the previous sentence and statement.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Yatooka: they come to you
Note: the root is Hamza-T-Y and it means in concrete the water that comes from the rain of another land. In concrete it means the coming of something or someone with many of it’s implications. YATOO is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of coming of the subject (third person plural) will arrive to the object (KA= singular you pointing to Pharaoh).
Bikulli: with every
Note: BI signifies an attachment or close linkage between what is before and what is after it. In a Verbal sentence it can mean attachment to the action or to the subject as it does the action. This attachment can then signify many things according to the verb and to the sentence and so on. KULLI is derived from the root K-L-L and it means the parts put together. This is the concrete and it means all or every or each. It can also be extended conceptually to mean the parts surrounding an entity. KULLI means every, or each. In this context the BI carries the meaning of them coming and bringing with them each and every.
Sahirin: magician/ illusionist/deceptor
Note: the root here is S-Ha-R and it means to make things look other than what they are and that includes deception and magic as well. SAHAR is one of the concrete terms and it points to the predawn time. The relationship between magic and that time may be because one can see things as other than what they really are in that time. SAHIRIN means a magician/ illusionist/ deceptor.

AAaleemun : knowledgeable/ knowing
Note: the root is Ain-L-M and it means knowing/knowledge or knowledge of facts. AAaLEEM is the one that is very knowledgeable

Salaam all and have a great day


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