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Salaam all,

FawaqaAAa alhaqqu wabatala ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

The aya says:
So, the binding prevailed and became null what they used to do.

My personal note:
The term WAQaAAa carries the meaning of fell or fell in place and but it also carries the expression of prevailing and taking effect and exposing the false. This is the rule of life is when the truth is simply present and clear it will defeat any falsehood and that is the case of Moses upon him be peace and the magicians.

Translation of the transliterated words:

FawaqaAAa: so fell/ took effect/ prevailed
Note: FA means then or therefore or so. WAQaAAa is derived from the root W-Qaf-Ain and it means one entity falling on another, mainly things falling on the ground and causing a sound or effect. It is often used for the raining hitting the ground. Conceptually, it is used for falling and also for taking effect or making an effect on another entity. WAQaAAa is an action that is completed. It means: the action of taking effect or falling happened by the subject (ALHAQQU= the binding right/ the truth)
alhaqqu: the binding truth/ the binding right
Note: ALHAQQA is derived from the root Ha-Qaf-Qaf and it means binding right where right means correct as well s what is due to one person (rights and obligations). ALHAQQ is binding right or binding truth or just right as the context suggests here.
Wabatala: and failed/ and became obsolete
Note: WA is a letter that links what is before with what is after. This link is through inclusion, either one is included in the other or they are all included in the bigger sentence or bigger picture. WA often corresponds with “and/ addition” but the more encompassing meaning is in inclusion one in another or all in a bigger picture or sentence. BATALA is derived from the root B-TTa-L and it means null or void or naught. BATALA is an action that is completed. It means: the action of becoming null and void happened by the subject (Ma =what)
Ma: what
Kanoo: they happened to be/ they were
Note: the root is K-W-N and it means being. KANOO is an action that is completed that is derived from the root. It means: the action of being happened by the subject (third personal plural). This in turn means: they were or they happened to be
yaAAmaloona: they do/ to do
Note: the root is Ain-M-L and it means doing or work. YaAAaMALOONA is an action that is being completed or will be completed. It means: the action of doing or making is happening or will be happening by the subject (third person plural). The combination of KANOO YaAAMALOON gives the impression of this: they happened to be doing or they happened to do.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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