Monday, April 14, 2014


Salaam all,

Qala naAAam wainnakum lamina almuqarrabeena

The Aya says:
He responded: yes and you indeed (will be) indeed amongst the ones brought close.

My personal note:
The term close can point to nearness in space or time but also in other planes of thought as in close spiritually, receving rewards, becoming a councelor and so on and this is what this context suggests.

Translation of the transliterated words:
Qala: He (pharaoh) said/ communicated/ responded
Note: QALA is derived from the root Qaf-W-L and it means saying in any way possible. QALA is an action that is completed that is derived from the root. It means the action of saying happened by the subject (third person singular). This, in turn means: He said or responded or communicated.
naAAam: yes/ affirmative
Note: the root is root N-Ain-M and it means soft in the concrete sense. In abstract, it means anything that can be understood as soft as in soft to touch and soft in treatment and soft life as in a life that does not have much hardship. NaAAaM means yes or answering with the affirmative.

Wainnakum: and you (plural)
Lamina: indeed amongst
Almuqarrabeena: the ones brought close

Note: the root is Qaf-R-B and it means nearing or becoming near. ALMUQARRABEEN are the ones who were brought close. In here the closeness is not necessarily in distance but being close friend, associate, receiving rewards and so on.

Salaam all and have a great day.


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