Sunday, January 16, 2005


Salam all,

This is 2:13
2:13 واذا قيل لهم امنوا كما امن الناس قالوا انؤمن كما امن السفهاء الا انهم هم السفهاء ولكن لا يعلمون
Wa-itha qeela lahum aminoo kamaamana alnnasu qaloo anu/minu kamaamana alssufahao ala innahum humu alssufahaowalakin la yaAAlamoona

Wa-itha: And if/when
Note: See 2:11
qeela lahum: It was said to them
amino: make (yourselves) safe/make (yourselves) trust (in GOD)
Note: This is a word that is a derivative of A-M-N which is used to mean Believe. However, the main meaning is TRUST or SAFETY. I Think that the persons that Trusts and feels Safe in GOD has to be a Believer first. So the Trust and Safety are a deeper meaning to the Word and includes belief in it. AAMINOO is an order to a plural that means make (yourselves) trust/make (yourselves) feel safe/Make (yourselves) attain safety.
alnnasu: The people
Note: This does not have to mean all the people but some of the people will be enough (from an Arabic grammatical point of view)
Qaloo: They said
anu/minu kamaamana: Do we believe etc as believed/Trusted/felt safe in/attained safety in?
alssufahao: The light brained/ignorant/limited mental capacity
Note: SAFIH means the above basically it means that is limited and whose brain is not of consequence. SUFAHA is the plural of the word. The verb SAFAH means to take something lightly (in a mental way) and therefore the SAFIH is a light brained person.
ala innahum humu: No it is them (With emphasis)
alssufahao: The Light brained/ignorant/limited mental capacity
walakin: But
la yaAAlamoona: They do not know

My Note:This means “And if they were told to believe/trust/ Feel safe in/attain safety in (GOD) as did the people (that believed), They will respond : Do we do like the light brained/ignorant/ limited mental capacity ones? GOD’s response is that they are the ones with that are ignorant/limited mental capacity and light brained without their own knowledge.”

Salam and I will see you later.


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