Thursday, January 27, 2005


Salam All,

This is 2:24
فان لم تفعلوا ولن تفعلوا فاتقوا النار التي وقودها الناس والحجارة اعدت للكافرين
Fa-in lam tafAAaloo walan tafAAaloo faittaqooalnnara allatee waqooduha alnnasuwaalhijaratu oAAiddat lilkafireena

Fa-in lam: So if you did not
tafAAaloo: Do (it as in meet the challenge of 2:23)
Note: the FAAaL means to do. TAFAAaLOO is the second person plural present tense of the verb.
Walan: And you will never
tafAAaloo: Do ( as in meet the challenge)
faittaqoo: Therefore make yourselves guarded/make yourselves conscious of
Note: This is a very common word in the Qur’an that comes with it’s derivatives and it means Guard/protect probably through consciousness, especially GOD consciousness. The root is W-Q-W and it means to protect/to Guard. ITAQOO is the second person plural of a verb that is derived from the root and it means: make yourselves guarded/guard yourselves. Since the most important part of guarding is consciousness, then I will use the translation Be Conscious of as the real meaning of the word.
Alnnara: The fire
allatee waqooduha: Whose Fuel
Note: Another derivative of the same root came in 2:17
Alnnasu: The people
Waalhijaratu: And the stones/rocks
Note: Hajar means stone or rock. The root is H-J-R and it means to prevent/to make barrier, probably because stones make a good barrier. Derivatives of the root can also mean room/house since the house is the rock of the person (The place that is protected the most or the place that needs to be protected the most).
oAAiddat: was Prepared/Was made counted
Note: The root here is A-D-D which means to count/number. oAAiDDA means officially Was made counted, which really means Was prepared since counting is an important part of preparation.
lilkafireena : To the disbelievers (The one that cover their heads in the ground of their prejudice and bias, and therefore do not accept the message of GOD)

This Ayah responds to AYAH 2:23. “If you do not meet the challenge (bringing about something like a chapter/passage of the Qur’an), and you will never meet that challenge, then guard against the Fire whose fuel is made of stones and people and that was prepared for the disbelievers (The ones that bury their heads in the ground of their prejudice and bias and therefore do not accept the message of GOD.

My personal note:
This AYAH continues the challenge of previously. It is also a reminder that when people do not meet this challenge, then they should be conscious of the consequences. It is a rule that should apply to all of life.

Salam and Inshallah, I will see you tomorrow


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