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Salam all,

This is 2:20

يكاد البرق يخطف ابصارهم كلما اضاء لهم مشوا فيه واذا اظلم
عليهم قاموا ولو شاء الله لذهب بسمعهم وابصارهم ان الله
علي كل شئ قدير

Yakadu albarqu yakhtafu absarahumkullama adaa lahum mashaw feehi wa-itha athlamaAAalayhim qamoo walaw shaa Allahu lathahababisamAAihim waabsarihim inna Allaha AAalakulli shay-in qadeerun
Yakadu: It intended and started
Note: YAKAD is a verb that says that something was intended and started. However, it is not clear whether the intended action happened or not. Most of the time, the intended action nearly happened, and on rare occasion, it does actually happen. If the YAKAD is preceded with a negative then it will mean BARELY.
Albarqu: The lightning
Yakhtafu: Snatch/steal
Note: This verb means to steal/snatch. The root is KH-T-F. YAKHTAF is the third person present tense singular form of the verb
Absarahum: Their vision
Kullama: Whenever
adaa lahum: It lit for them
Note: the root here is D-W-A. It means to light smething. ADAA means to make light (as opposed to dark rather than opposed to heavy)
mashaw: They walked third
Note: the root is M-SH-W and it means to walk. MASHAW is the third person plural past tense form of the verb.
feehi: in it
wa-itha: And if/when
athlamaAAalayhim: It darkened on them
qamoo: They stood
Note: QAM means to stand upright and at times, as in here it means to stand still
Walaw: And if
shaa Allahu: GOD willed
Note: The root is SH-Y-A and it means to will (something). SHAA means willed. It is the third person past tense singular.
lathahaba: He went away
Note: The root is TH-H-B and it means to go/to pass. THAHABA means went. It is the third person past tense singular form of the verb.
bisamAAihim: with their hearing/ability to listen
waabsarihim: And their vision
inna Allaha: The GOD (with stress)
AAalakulli shay-in: On everything
Qadeerun: Able to cover the effort/worth/measure all at the same time
Note: Q-D-R means measure or worth of something in all the aspects of the measure as in the weight, the worth, the effort that it takes, and the strength that it needs AND the ability to manage that worth. QADEER means that GOD here is able to cover all the aspects of everything AND do them.

My note:
“The lightning commenced at taking their vision away. Whenever it illuminates to them they walked and when it darkened they stood (Still). GOD is able to go away with their hearing and their vision. For GOD knows the effort/worth/strength/price that it takes to do everything AND he is able to do it.”

My reading on this verse:
This verse tells me that any source of illumination other than GOD is hazardous and very unreliable. GOD knows the exact worth of everything and is able to do it. He can take away our ability to listen and to see. We should always ask him for the light, the ability to see and to hear (The Truth).

Salam all


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